What Anthony Davis Should Do This Offseason


The NBA draft lottery took place earlier this week and the results surprised just about everyone. Bottom feeder teams all landed in spots considerably high, while the Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Pelicans take the top two spots in the draft. This year's draft seemed monumentally special as compared to previous years. When it is typically up for argument on who is the best prospect coming out of every class, this year isn't up for discussion. Zion Williamson out of Duke is the most anticipated and talented athlete to come out of any draft class since Lebron in 2003, The Pelicans would be absolutely foolish not to take him first. But the draft has now become the least of the Pels worries at this point and concerns should shift back to the future of their star big man, Anthony Davis.

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 On the morning of January 28th, the news of AD turning down a contract extension and also requesting a trade had been released to the world. When it comes to his tenure with the Pelicans, money is definitely not the issue being under a contract paying him around $25 million a year. After spending seven years with the same team and working with virtually nobody else besides Jrue Holiday and half a season with Demarcus Cousins, Davis really has nothing to be proud for outside of the one playoff win he had over the Golden State Warriors just last year. His frustrations with the Pelicans is quite obvious but who could blame him, the man needs some help!

Getting the number one pick in the draft has put New Orleans in the driver's seat for the rest of the offseason and Anthony Davis should definitely consider being a part of that. Right now Anthony Davis faces two great options. He can go through with this trade process and MAYBE get traded to his favored landing spot, or he can stay where he is at and see where things go with Zion.

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There is a much higher upside Anthony Davis in staying with New Orleans for at least a few more year, and he definitely should. There is a lot of risk in demanding a trade, a franchise willing to work with a player wanting a trade is very rare, especially in the NBA, take a look at Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard. Yes Kawhi is killing it with Toronto in the postseason right now, and Kyrie had a lot to look forward too when he first got traded to the Celtics, but there was a time where both of those guys had some sort of distaste of where they landed. Kyrie hates the Celtics as of right now and is practically out the door, and Kawhi wasn't too excited to go to Toronto initially and there is still some theories saying he's leaving Toronto after the season.

I am not saying that Davis won't do great things with a new team, it's just his chances of landing where he wants are very slim. And depending on where he goes it could turn out terrible and get stuck on an even worse team. He could slowly fade out of relevancy and easily just turn into trade leverage just like so many good players before him if that happens. Say if he does get traded to the team he wants which is favored to be the Los Angeles Lakers. Is there really going to be much to do in LA after Lebron is gone? And by then Davis would be nearing the end of his prime. 

Joining a great team can hurt a players legacy. Letting the team come to you can strengthen it. If Zion is as great as he is projected to be in the big leagues, Davis will finally get the help that he has been asking for his whole career. The Pelicans can pick up an above average player in free agency while Zion is on his rookie contract and that is all the Pels need in order to seriously compete. AD should see where things go during a few years with Zion before making any serious career changes he may regret.

- Isaac Lingelbach