Golden State Not Advancing if Unhealthy 


A few days ago The Golden state Warriors clinched the top seed in the west yet again making it their fourth time at the top in the last five years. Another year of the Warriors making things look easy. But this year has some significance to it making it quite unique as compared to the last few years. Of course the acquisition of Demarcus Cousins was heard all around the nation, making them a team with five starting players who made the All Star game just last year. And with Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Cousins hitting free agency next offseason, this could be the Warriors last year to win another championship.

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What the Warriors have become over the last few years is a juggernaut that we won't see again for probably decades. They are a prime example of excellent ownership, team building, and management. Assembling a team like this seems unrealistic but they made it a reality whether people wanted it to happen or not. The Warriors are obviously an elite team that we should remember for many years to come. But through this process of acquiring big names, outside of their starting five with the acception of Andre Iguodala, not much of their bench would often be considered elite or even high talent being on almost the complete opposite of the skill spectrum compared to their starters. The results of this have made the Warriors what I would call a glass temple.

When healthy, Golden State is the best team in the league. When they have the big four in Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green they have only lost thirteen games when all four played a full game. And became even more unstoppable after adding Cousins to the starting lineup only losing four games with all five stars on the floor. But that is this team's problem, they have become too delicate to a missing key player. As though the great stars have grown too accustomed to each other over the years and can't get it done when someone is missing, especially if that player's name is Steph Curry. He quite literally is the difference in this team. Without him for a few weeks early in the season the Warriors were on pace to being a low playoff seed or even missing the playoffs altogether.

The Golden State Warriors can easily win another championship this year, it would be a great way to finish their dynasty in Oakland. But I will not be surprised if they lose the first series they aren't 100% healthy. Yes The Warriors bench played good ball yesterday against the Pelicans, but I'm not buying that it's anything special that can win a whole series until I see it happen.

-Isaac Lingelbach