Too Late For Trae Young to Win ROTY?


Photo from the Washington Post

Despite the off-game he had last night against Miami, Trae Young has been relentless in making himself a real candidate for the Rookie of the Year Award. On February 12th, the Atlanta Hawks defeated LeBron's Lakers in a close game ending at 117-113. Young was a real force, putting up six rebounds, fourteen assists, and twenty-two points. Over the following eight games, (including the win over LA) Young was in his bag- averaging over 28 points per game! During that set of games, he became the only rookie ever to put up 49 points and 16 assists all in one game. Granted, that was in the quadruple-overtime game against the Chicago Bulls which ended in a loss. Regardless, Young brought the fire again two days later against the Bulls. He dropped 18 points in 18 minutes before getting tossed out of the game for taunting. Trae Young has been balling and he's making us notice he can really play.

But is it too late in the season to come out on top as ROTY? That is currently the main concern. With the media all over Luka Doncic since the beginning of the season, there is no chance any of the other rookies could shine over him. But in all honesty, the media isn't wrong. Young may be putting up good numbers and great highlights but Luka is helping close out games and has been much more of a difference-maker compared to Young. He could very well be the reason the Mavericks take on the playoffs this year so the kid has definitely earned his soon-to-be Rookie of The Year award.

The only chance Young has to steal the award from Doncic is for him to become a walking highlight reel. That includes high scoring games every night and making game winners but my faith is still slim. Young could help his team win out but my vote would still be Doncic. So the answer to the big question is no, despite Young's high efforts, he will not be winning Rookie of the Year Award.

Isaac Linglebach