Sparks Of Excitement this NFL Offseason


The NFL offseason has gotten really exciting over the past few days. Certainly a lot crazier than last year in my opinion. With it seeming like someone is on a new team every other hour, the NFL will already be looking much different come August, and we're just getting started. To avoid this article from being a six page essay, I'll go over the top three acquisitions that I think caught the most attention.

Landon Collins to Division Rival

Yesterday, Collins and the Washington Redskins came to agreement signing him to a six year deal worth 84 million dollars with 45 million guaranteed. The Giants made a mistake in letting go of the safety who was one of their few standout players on defense, I think this is a total savage move by Collins and Washington both. Collins played a strong element for the Giants playoff season in 2016 with four sacks, five interceptions, 125 combined tackles, and one touchdown. 

Collins was still pretty solid the season after that consistently hitting the highlight reel every now and then, The main reason behind New York letting him go was probably how this past season for Collins was something he should try to forget basically being a blur in the shadows all year. In Collins defense, he proved that he can be very effective with the right system like the one they had two years ago. And the possible reason he hasn't done much recently is because I think the Giants honestly have no idea what they're doing strategically. Nobody was anything special for the New York defense all season so I think Collins was just in a bad place. He will find himself much more success with this Redskins defense who definitely have their good days in the secondary, I'm looking forward to seeing his play in Washington.

Foles Signs With Jacksonville

 Former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, also confirmed a deal with his new team yesterday. Jacksonville plans on paying him $88 million over a four year deal. Foles made quite the name for himself in Philadelphia winning the city their first Lombardi trophy and even clinching the playoffs late when hopes were slim the very next season. He will be appreciated by Eagles fans around the nation for a long time. But I don't think he will produce the same way for the Jags. That Philly team was built to win a championship that year. Every player seemed to be doing their job correctly all season, I will say Foles did play in their system better than the young Carson Wentz, but I don't think he will be much help on a team that struggles making their quarterbacks look good.

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Foles was lost in the Rams team roster three years ago under the terrible coaching of Jeff Fisher. Nick Foles can be a great quarterback, but only under a QB friendly system. Not saying he will perform terribly next year, at this moment it's hard to pin point how the Jags will do considering the polar opposite last two seasons. I'm just saying that Foles under center will not be a difference maker in Jacksonville. 

Antonio Brown Traded to Oakland

The Oakland Raiders have been real busy this offseason while on a serious shopping spree as of two days ago. Signing former Rams above average safety, Lamarcus Joyner for a four year, 41 million dollar deal. While also  making offensive tackle Trent Brown the highest paid O lineman in NFL history paying him $66 million over four seasons. But the real headliner in all these moves? Getting Antonio Brown for basically nothing in a trade with the Steelers. Now, Brown has a lot to prove this coming season leaving the team that drafted him for so many years, a team that is known for making their offensive keys look good for decades. There is a chance he could do terrible with the Raiders but an equal chance he will do great, he has a lot on his plate for next season and needs to prove he is worth the $16 million he's getting each year with Oakland. 

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But what makes this trade so genius and low risk for the Raiders is the little sacrifice they made, only giving up their third and fifth round picks for this upcoming draft for who could still be a top three receiver in the league.  So far Brown's energy and excitement over being a Raider gives much trust in him that he will pour his heart out on the turf every Sunday, and when Brown gets passionate about the game, he is very dangerous, I have no doubt he will do his very best for the Raiders week after week, this is really something to look forward and pay attention to next season.


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Now I did say we were going to go over my top three offseason moves so far, but that intro was typed before this news breaking trade. Today the Giants made a trade deal with the Browns having Cleveland give up their first and third round picks this year while also adding in young stud Jabrill Peppers in return for Beckham Jr. This move should get people excited, abd AFC north rivals scared. This is the move that finally puts the Browns back in the playoffs and I honestly can't wait. Mayfield is already a solid quarterback a now he has the receiving duo in Jarvis Landry and OBJ that really tore up the game at LSU. This is going to form such chemistry and confidence in the team, I see them taking the division easily and making an awesome playoff run!

- Isaac Lingelbach


All contract details found on the official Instagram of the NFL