D.K. Metcalf Not a Number One Receiver


Photo from Yahoo Sports

Ole Miss wide receiver, D.K. Metcalf, blew up the combine on March 2nd with his video-game athleticism. Metcalf's popularity has grown tremendously recently with his size and weight being all the talk of the combine. Five days ago, he showed NFL scouts that not only is he a big boy (being 6'3" and weighing in at 228 pounds), but he also possesses some serious jets with a 4.33 forty time. This type of athleticism is very uncommon for his size. Metcalf also lead all receivers with 27 reps on the bench which is better than some standouts at defensive line in this year's draft. As a receiver in the NFL, it's extremely important to be able to jump high enough to catch those contested deep passes, Metcalf proved that to be a non-issue with his 40.5 inch vertical.

D.K. Metcalf showed much promise at the combine and improved his draft stock by great lengths. I definitely think he is NFL ready- at least more so than any other receiver in this year's draft. He was pretty proficient this year, scoring 12 touchdowns in his last 19 games at Ole Miss but I don't think he is ready enough to be the star on any receiving core just yet. In college, Metcalf had his big moments but he wasn't a 'week in and week out' type of receiver.

 I believe his production will be much better on a team that already has a couple of standout receivers. That way not all eyes are on him but when it's his time he will definitely turn heads. With his size and speed combination, he can be scary in the slot or maybe even considered a speedy tight end. With athleticism like he has, I think he could be really dangerous on the inside. The main flaw with this idea is that no team with a star receiver is going to take Metcalf in the first first round. He will have to be the receiving front runner on whatever team he is drafted by but it's not going to look pretty his first year or two. However, his future of being a big name in the NFL is almost certain. My main advice to the team that drafts Metcalf is to give him time and plenty of it.

Isaac Linglebach