Lue Best Bet As Lakers Head Coach


The Lakers have made an offseason move that was already long overdue in firing Luke Walton earlier today. All Lakers fans should give a sigh of relief for that one letting go of a head coach that just couldn't lead his team to a postseason appearance despite all the talented athletes he has worked with. With media always looking to what's next, there are already so many options put up for suggestion as to who should be the Lakers next head coach.

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Tyonn Lue seems to be the strongest and most likely option at head coach, and frankly it just makes sense. I will say that Lue is honestly one of the worst coaches in the league, but he is one of the best at utilizing the league's most complete player in Lebron even when he had virtually nobody else to work with in Lebron's last year with the Cavs. 

One thing you cannot take away from him is the fact that with Lebron he never failed to get his team to the NBA finals. Now people will always argue that you can thank Lebron for that accomplishment, but it has become evident after this season that Lebron can't do it with just anyone making the calls. No matter what you think of Tyronn Lue, he can get it done with Lebron on his roster. And it's like Lue just knows when to let Lebron go off, a perfect example was letting Lebron steal the show in the Cavs playoffs series sweep against the first seed Raptors just last year. Lue is the man that brings out the best in Lebron and there is no doubt about it.

The Lakers hiring Lue at head coach would be more than perfect. With an improved overall roster to work with in LA, and the Golden State dynasty dying out within the next two seasons, I say a Tyronn Lue and Lebron James reunion is enough to bring the Lakers another championship before Lebron's contract is over.

-Isaac L.