Crabtree Bigger Promise for Success Than AB?


Just recently, Michael Crabtree had been released by the Baltimore Ravens after a pretty poor season only racking up just three touchdowns all year. Meanwhile Antonio Brown has been looking to get traded any day now. It is pretty easy to say that Antonio Brown is the better receiver, no doubt in that. But that doesn't mean Crabtree is not a better fit for some offensive systems across the league. 

Specifically for the Raiders case, (who have been rumored to have plenty of interest in Brown) the decision should be quite obvious.  The chemistry with Carr and Crabtree is already evident. He was always a consistent scoring option with them for both seasons in Oakland as long as Derek Carr was feeling hot. Trading some important players for AB instead of just signing Crabtree or any other FA receiver could be a mistake not just for the Raiders, but for any team in the league. That is the gamble with teams looking at Brown, nobody can guarantee that he is not a system player. The Steelers have been making receivers look good for years. It will be exciting to see AB play for a new team if this trade happens, but the man has a lot to prove if so.

As for Michael Crabtree, yes he is a system receiver by all means. But in his defense the Ravens offense has been something left to be desired since that Superbowl win six years ago. One thing is for sure for both of these guys, they can only produce good football under a team with a good starting quarterback, meaning full confidence in who they have under center week after week. Good luck to both of them next season.

Isaac Linglebach