Cardinals Shouldn't Trade Rosen


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Finishing off the season, the Arizona Cardinals had found themselves having the worst record in the NFL putting them up first for this year's draft. After the season the rumor was up for suggestion, should the Cardinals trade away their rookie quarterback Josh Rosen? The idea had been buzzing around the NFL since their offseason had started, even more so when Kyler Murray Declared for this year's draft. And since then more and more mock drafts have the Cardinals taking the Oklahoma quarterback first overall.

Now you can't really blame the Cardinals wanting to try again at quarterback, Josh Rosen did not put up the numbers that seemed remotely promising his rookie season given plenty of time to make it happen with 13 starts in the 14 games he played. He had just 11 touchdowns and a scary 14 interceptions brought him to a 26.6 QB rating for the season. But we have to look at some simple facts and a little bit of history. Yes this is vague but Rosen did start in all three games they had won, two of those games were against the 49ers and it seems like Rosen really knows how to deal with the division rival. throwing for 422 yards and three touchdowns over the two games they had played. 

Now another important thing to remember is there has been greater quarterbacks, hall of famers even, who had worse rookie seasons than the one Rosen just produced. Dallas legend Troy Aikman had 11 starts his rookie season and lost every last one of them. He didn't even break 2,000 passing yards for the season and had 18 interceptions to just 9 touchdowns. Anyone could have said that man was a bust, but the Cowboys kept with him and any real NFL fan knows what Aikman did for them going forward in his career. 

I really don't think the Cardinals will be making the right decision if they do trade Rosen. He is only 21 and we have no idea what he can become just yet. In all honesty I don't even see Murray being the best quarterback in the draft. You can't trade away a first round quarterback after just his rookie season, I don't see the logic in that. See what he does his whole rookie contract, build a team around him, and then it would be fair to leave a trade up for discussion if things don't change. I think it would be safer for the franchise to give Rosen a few more years and fill another need at first overall in the draft this year this year. Drafting another quarterback guarantees that one of those first round picks have gone to waste. My message to The Cardinals is not to make the same mistake so many teams have done in the past in letting go of a young QB who later turned great.

- Isaac Lingelbach